Positively Lyme Regis

Week 40 – Positively Lyme Regis

According to a new study published in Psychological Science (a journal of the Association for Psychological Science) “positive mood has been found to enhance creative problem solving and flexible yet careful thinking”. I personally find that positivity is the main driving force behind my creativity. However, maintaining a positive state of mind is not always that simply whilst navigating the choppy waters of modern life. Time spent near the coast (often with my family) is one of the ways I feed my positivity and thus my creativity. Pembrokeshire, Norfolk, Dorset and Devon are my usual go-to destinations. This week it is Lyme Regis in Dorset. What a fabulous seafront and what a fantastic bit of late autumnal sunshine we had.

A bit on the side anyone?

Week 39 – A bit on the side anyone?

A big thank you to Alex Mitchell for the great article she’s written in the Homes & Property section of the Evening Standard. According to Alex I’m the ‘go-to-man’ when it comes to transforming tight London spaces (with green walls). Honestly, I’m flattered.

One small step. One giant leap.

Week 36 – One small step. One giant leap.

This week has a been a big week for all of us here at TLA as we’ve just successfully installed our first modular, planted off-site, installed in ONE DAY living wall… and it went without a hitch! Installing this wall in Belsize Park has been a delight, a pleasure, a dream, a breeze… I’m delighted, the clients delighted… what more can I say… who wants one!? Call us now. Onwards and upwards!

Summer Camp

Week 35 – Summer Camp

It’s coming towards the end of the holidays and everyone’s feeling a little sad as it’s been an amazing summer of outdoor fun. We’ve camped more this year than ever before, all in all about 14 nights. That’s a long time to spend in a tent. This week we’ve pitched up just outside St Davids, Pembrokeshire. It’s called Pencarnan Farm and I’ve been promising the kids for years that one day we would camp here… for obvious reasons… the view is simply stunning and there’s lots to do! Swimming in the sea, body boarding, kayaking, fishing off the rocks, digging in the sand, rock climbing, coast walking, fishing, eating ice cream, cooking fresh fish over an open fire, watching the sunset, sitting under the stars, spotting shooting stars and eventually falling asleep in the fresh air… then waking up to the most amazing dawn view of mist rolling down the valley and out to sea. Amazing. Thank you Wales, it’s been great… again.

The Great British Bake Off

Week 34 – The Great British Bake Off

I have an admission to make, I love the Great British Bake Off (and Noel Fielding). I also love a nice piece of cake (preferably with a cup of tea). I like most types of cake, but I definitely have some favourites. If I had to choose a favourite slice, this week it would probably have to be lemon drizzle, but next week it’ll be different. It’s the same when it comes to choosing my favourite plant. Right now it’s most definitely Geranium ‘Rozanne’ (which is currently looking amazing in our latest living wall)… Next week it’ll probably be some unpronounceable fern. That’s the beauty of plants (and cake) they’re all so lovely (and tasty). Just don’t get them mixed up as eating plants is not as nice as eating cake (and planting cake is just stupid).

One year later

Week 33 – One year later

This is the living wall we installed last summer in Eaton Square. It’s extremely rewarding to arrive back on site to be greeted by such a sight… I am thrilled with how it’s doing. It’s moments like this that make all the hard work seem worth it!

Checking on progress

Week 32 – Checking on progress

I’ve just popped into our nursery to check on our latest living wall. I’m delighted as it’s looking good. In just a few weeks time we will be installing this in it’s new home in Belsize Park. Both Alan and I agree, it’s one of our best yet. I think Alan is going to miss it…