Who we are

The Landscape Architect was founded by Adam Shepherd nearly ten years ago. Adam has over twenty years design experience, having moved from the world of graphic design to the world of gardens and living walls following his training at The English Gardening School in Chelsea. He oversees the creative side of the business, from the initial designs through to the final delivery on site. Passionate about planting, he also oversees the installation of each and every one of our living walls with the help of his team of trusted horticulturalists. The operational side of the business is overseen by Will Keast-Butler who joined The Landscape Architect in 2013. Will comes from a background in media and publishing and is in charge of scheduling, logistics and costing.

Our gardens

Over the last decade The Landscape Architect has developed a reputation for modern garden design. We strive to produce a unique space for each and every one of our clients. We place a particular emphasis on creative design solutions, the use of innovative modern materials and bold planting schemes. Our preferred palette of materials includes wood, stone, polished concrete and steel. Our design work spans private client and mid-scale residential development. Living walls have been a central part of many of our completed schemes and have become an area of expertise in their own right.

Our living walls

Many living wall suppliers tend to focus on their systems. Here at The Landscape Architect we believe a living wall should be a thing of verdant beauty, not a study in engineering. That’s why it’s the plants that are our starting point, and our finishing point. Our system has been designed around the plants. It gives us maximum planting flexibility and delivers optimum plant health. It allows our walls to develop and change over time. It enables us to tailor every wall we design to both the location and the client. Most importantly it lets us create unique planting plans using a diverse range of colour, texture, shape and size. Over the last ten years we have worked up and down the country installing living walls of all shapes and sizes.

A trusted name

Many of our gardens are commissioned as part of larger house renovation projects. We find this to be a very effective approach as it allows us to dovetail with the wider build schedule and collaborate with the architects to create a seamless inside-outside space. We have enjoyed working with a wide range of leading architects including: Archplan ArchitectsCarl Turner ArchitectsCousins & CousinsCox Bulleid ArchitectsCrawford PartnershipFrost ArchitectsFSP Architects & PlannersJames Gallie Architecture + DesignMittelman AssociatesNicolas Tye architectePOQ ArchitectsPozzoni ArchitectsRealisation By DesignsporadicSPACE, Cassion Castle, Rietveld Architects.